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Individual Health Insurance

We are a Reno, full service health insurance brokerage with over 20 years of experience. We are dedicated to helping people understand their health insurance plans, whether they buy through Nevada Health Link or on the individual health insurance market. Outside of Open Enrollment, individuals can still apply with Nevada Health Link through special events called Qualifying Events. Experiencing one of these events opens a specific time period when the applicant can enroll. This is usually a 90 day period. We are more than happy to see if your specific situation meets one of these qualifications and how to proceed from there.

In Nevada, an individual may apply off “the exchange” with non-Nevada Health Link plans, directly with the insurance companies, at any time. However, without a qualifying event, there is usually an extended waiting period such as “first of the month following 30 days” when an individual is signing up outside of open enrollment.

Health insurance is complex, and we want to make it simple. If you have a specific company, such as Anthem or Hometown who you would like to use, simply click on their logo and it will take you directly to their site to find prices. On the other hand if you would like to find multiple health insurance quotes at once, please follow the HB link below.

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