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No cost to you!

Our licensed OBAMACARE experts have helped HUNDREDS of Nevadans sign up for health insurance. We offer our services completely free of charge, and we look forward to helping you find the best plan at the lowest price.

Our Reno office is open 12 months per year.

Did you move, get a new mailing address, need to make a plan change? We’re here to help update this information year-round with the Federal Insurance Marketplace. As your needs change we’ll continue to be here to make sure your plan changes with it. 

We can help you update your income and avoid tax penalties.

Obamacare prices are based on the estimated gross income for the current year. If your income increases during the year you could owe money back to the government! We can help you update your information to avoid penalties and maximize your tax refund! 


We can compare your employer coverage with Obamacare.

If you or your spouse are offered coverage through an employer, it may affect your policy. Our licensed experts will review Obamacare with the options available through your job and advise which is best for you.

Enroll in coverage now!

Have you recently changed jobs, recently married or had a baby? You and your entire family may be able to enroll today!

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Jake Young
Jake Young Broker

Jake Young has been a team member of Health Benefits Associates since 2008. As one of the leaders in the individual health insurance market in Nevada, Jake is known for taking a personal approach with each and every case he encounters. He has been following the Nevada Health Link since before its formation in 2010…

Alex Sampson
Alex Sampson Broker

I earned my health insurance license in 2008, and graduated from the University of Nevada with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2009. I’ve been heavily involved in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) since before it was passed in to law in 2010. As a 3rd generation Nevadan I understands the value of standing…

Matt Law Broker

I am originally from California but moved to Reno to attend the University of Nevada in 2008. After four years of studies, I graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Speech Communications and in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Psychology. Currently, I hold four insurance licenses to help Nevadans and Californians with medical, dental, vision,…

JT Sampson
JT Sampson Broker

JT is a dedicated resource for companies who want to simplify the headache of group health insurance. JT knows how to communicate with the health insurance companies in order to receive the best service for his clients. As an independent 3rd party, JT has the expertise to quickly inform clients of changes happening in the…

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